About Us

Aster Machining was founded in 2016 to serve an emerging niche in the manufacturing industry, more people are looking to have their ideas produced, buy not necessarily in the quantities that a machine shop wants to tackle. We have nimble facilities, and both owners have experience teaching, machining, designing and communicating with a variety of clients.

Aster Machining also serves the aerospace industry with small batch micro-machining and mechanical engineering services. We specialize in custom RF and electronics packaging for STE, DEMO, and non-flight applications. We also machine custom brackets, heatsinks, small chassis, covers, shields, test fixtures, jigs, and prototype with FDM 3D printing.

Need one part for a custom test fixture? One off molds for casting your own ATSM test samples? Need 100 pieces? Only have a simple paper drawing of a part you need? Aster Machining specializes in these difficult to source services.

We have two FDM 3D printers capable of printing ABS plastic in .010″ layer resolution. The build area is limited to 8″width x8″ length x 6″ height. Our models print with soluble support material.

We have a 3 axis CNC mill with a 7.5″ x travel, 14″ y travel, and 13.5″ z height, as well as manual machines for secondary operations. We primarily machine aluminum, brass, composites, steel and plastics. We also have contacts in waterjet and welding shops and can prime work we can’t do in house.